Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum Wire Molybdenum wire is mainly refers to the wire cutting in the condition of high voltage electric field made from molybdenum and other precious metals. It used in wire cutting machine tool. Models of the molybdenum wire made by China are Mo1, Moδ, Mo2, Mo3, Mo3δ, of which Mo1 and Mo 2 are pure […]

Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum Sheet Molybdenum is characterized by high melting point(2610℃), low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance against molten metals and glass. Molybdenum is excellent element for coating materials. Molybdenum coating is used to making parts of airplane and autos, such as piston ring, synchro collar and others. In addition, we also offer […]

Molybdenum Crucible

Molybdenum Crucible Our molybdenum(Mo) Crucible is energy saving one that we introduced advanced equipment from German. With the high level production level, our molybdenum crucible is characterized by stable quality, strong anti-oxidation, anticorrosion, high temperature resistance, quick heat conduction, high efficience. Moreover, the serve life is three to five times than the common domestic crucible. […]

Molybdenum Bar

Molybdenum Bar Molybdenum bar features in high melting point, good ductility, excellent elongation, is applied to make the ion implantation parts, lighting and electronic vacuum devices. For its heat resistant feature, it is used to make structural components in high temperature conditions. Moreover, molybdenum bar is employed in electrodes for smelter in glass and refractory […]

Molybdenum Tube

Molybdenum Tube Our molybdenum tube has the features of high melting point, high strength, outstanding thermal conductivity, and excellent resistance to thermal impact and corrosion. In powder metallurgy industry, it is common to use molybdenum tube as the protective tube for the thermocouple. We also offer molybdenum alloy tube and molybdenum seamless tube with thin […]

Molybdenum Rod

Molybdenum Rod Molybdenum rods include molybdenum alloy rod, molybdenum carbide rod and etc. Which based on the degree of purity of molybdenum. The molybdenum content of pure molybdenum rod is over 99.9%.   Molybdenum trioxide is the essential element in making molybdenum rod, molybdenum alloy rod and other molybdenum compound.   Molybdenum as matrix compound […]

Molybdenum Plate

Molybdenum Plate With the features of high melting point, high creep resistance and low thermal expansion, uses of molybdenum is to make molybdenum plate, molybdenum alloy sheet, molybdenum wires and etc. Molybdenum plate can be produced from molybdenum powder under special processing. Molybdenum plates are widely used in lighting and vacuum electric devices, electric power […]

Molybdenum Pipe

Molybdenum Pipe We are a professional refractory metal product supplier and have our own factory for making them in China as well. As a top exporters in China, our products have exported to various countries worldwide. Our factory introduced the most advanced technology and processing line, and now we could make molybdenum pipe with length […]

Molybdenum Nozzle

Molybdenum Nozzle   With the features of high melting point(260℃), low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, and its good thermal properties ( boiling point 5560℃, thermal conductivity  142 W/m x K at 20°C, Heat of combustion 7.58 MJ/kg Mo), molybdenum is used to make molybdenum nozzle.   Molybdenum nozzle is in stead of copper […]

Molybdenum Disk

Molybdenum Disk Molybdenum disk can be divided into two types from the perspective of processing. There are ram compression molybdenum disk and sintered molybdenum disk. JINXING company is a top one among disk manufacturers, it controls strictly in from the raw material selection to the processing line and the product testing. Surface of our molybdenum […]