W-Re Thermocouple

W-Re Thermocouple Brief introduction: W-Re thermocouple is one kind of tungsten products. Thermo-emf output conforms to the ASTM standard. Chemical composition of W-Re thermocouple:   W Re, (Positive) W Re, (negative) Element Re W Re W Content,wt% 3.00 balance 25.00 balance Characteristics and applications of W-Re thermocouple: As a replacement of Pt/PtRh, the W-Re thermocouple can […]

Tungsten Wire In Twisted

Tungsten wire in twisted Brief introduction: Our stranded tungsten wire made of selected high quality tungsten material and usual standed tungsten filament. Tungsten wire in twisted not only has tungsten material properties: excellent electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, but also is finely processed, long duration and non-oxidation. The crystal structure of stranded tungsten wire is […]

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten Heater Brief introduction: Tungsten heater is made of tungsten filament. Tungsten heater is twisted synthesis of single or more strands according to samples or drawings of specific requirements. The used tungsten wire can be pure tungsten or tungsten alloy wire. Tungsten filament diameter is in the range of 0.2 – 1.2mm. Table1 Type NJD1-127 […]

Tungsten Plate

Tungsten Plate Simple Introduction: We select high quality tungsten powder and produce good processing property blanks with special rolling technology,and then produce tungsten plate.  So tungsten plant has good processing performance and low content of impurities. The crystal structure of tungsten plate is compact. Applications of tungsten plate: Tungsten plate is suitable to process ion implantation parts and is used to produce lighting source parts and electro-vacuum equipments. Tungsten plate also is used to […]

Tungsten Tube

Tungsten Tube Simple introduction: With special equipments, Company can precisely provide tungsten tubes with different specifications, which may reflect the real performance of tungsten tube. Tungsten composition is more than 99.95%. The crystal structure of tungsten tube is compact. Features and applications of tungsten tube: We have tungsten alloy tube and tungsten seamless thin- wall […]

Tungsten Wire

Tungsten Wire You can find that tungsten is at work whenever the heat's on. Tungsten material properties (having the highest melting point, good electric conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity and a uniquely low thermal expansion and a very high level of dimensional stability)  tungsten  can  suitable for very high-temperature applications. Company Limited products and supplies tungsten wire and other tungsten alloy wire (such as tantalum […]

Tungsten Sheet

Tungsten Sheet Brief introduction: Tungsten belongs to rare metal and tungsten cost is different according to various tungsten content. Tungsten sheet is one of tungsten products. Tungsten sheets are produced by good processing property billets and special cold and hot rolling technology. The crystal structure of tungsten sheet is compact. The difference between tungsten sheet […]

Tungsten Pipe

Tungsten Pipe Brief introduction: We selects high quality metal powder and technologic sintered in the hydrogen to produce tungsten pipe and other tungsten products. Tungsten pipe is high purity and machinable. The crystal structure of tungsten tube is compact. Applications of tungsten pipe: Tungsten pipe is mainly used to produce high temperature furnace thermocouple protection […]

Tungsten Filament

Tungsten Filament Brief introduction: Tungsten filament is widely used as filament for all kinds of lamps. Tungsten filament is mostly used for making various incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp filament and gas discharge lamp electrode, in addition small amounts of tungsten used for heating material in high temperature furnace, electron tube heater and composite stiffener. […]

Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten Electrode Brief introduction: Tungsten has high melting point, strong electron emission ability, high elastic modulus and low vapor pressure, so tungsten electrode was used as thermal electron emission material early. The shape of tungsten electrode tip is an important factor for TIG. Characteristics of tungsten electrode: Tungsten welding electrode has excellent welding performance, great […]